Curbstone Group Website Redesign

Written by 
Alex Krasner 
19 October, 2010

Today we released a new WordPress website for Curbstone Group, an asset management company.

Our client wanted us to transfer his current Flash-based website to the WordPress platform so that the new site can be easily managed and updated. We were asked to utilize the existing logo, graphics and color scheme in the new design but were given a free hand with a layout of the theme.

WordPress theme for an asset management company

Hinds Howard
Managing Partner of Curbstone Group

I was looking for a clean, professional website that I could edit myself. I knew how to use WordPress, and had a vision for what I wanted with a WordPress-site. I even had a logo and design idea. I talked with a few web developers that I knew who didn’t seem to understand what I wanted and had little understanding of how a company could build a website with a simple backend like WordPress. I needed someone with intimate knowledge of wordpress to take my design and make a website. With Dizzain, I got much more.

Dizzain’s designers were able to do what I wanted them too, but they looked at my design and developed a much improved design that built off of my concept. The turnaround was quick, and I felt very comfortable having a single point person that I communicated with throughout the process. Great customer service, and great ability to take words and descriptions and turn them into a very functional website with a beautiful skin.

Thanks Dizzain.

Obviously, the revamped website gained much by the antique engraved design, wide-screen resolution and simplicity of use and timely updates.

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