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Mobile app for a social distribution and monetization platform.

Mobile App / MVP Development / UX Prototyping

About SocialFlow

SocialFlow is a New York-based enterprise software company that helps brands distribute their owned and earned content across social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Over half the world`s leading 150 publishers including The New York Times, Mashable, and HuffPost partner with SocialFlow.

Since 2013, when our partnership began, Dizzain team enhances SocialFlow efforts by bringing more capabilities to their software.
Their deliverables are high quality, with no bugs, and are well received by the end clients. They communicate effectively and carefully manage the work with ticketing software, while always demonstrating their dependability and capacity to take on large projects.
Matt Moran
VP of Product Development, SocialFlow
Brooklyn, New York

Powerful tool for planning social media campaigns

SocialFlow app built for Android and iOS enables simple and effective content distribution and monetization across social media platforms. App algorithm analyzes user behavior, predicts when a particular topic will trend, and optimizes all released content based on real-time data.

In today’s synchronized world, SocialFlow platform that includes a mobile app, web application, Chrome Extension, and WordPress plugins enables customers to take control of their social media distribution needs.

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