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Product Development

While developing a new digital product we focus on speed to market and rely on the voice of the customer to determine product features. As we partner closely with the client team you can expect us to be an independent voice in a room offering data to support our arguments. Below is a typical process we follow in product development:

Ideation and research

We first develop a deep understanding of the product’s goals and objectives, conduct market research, and screen initial product ideas to identify the most viable options.


Concept development and testing

We validate the concept through iterative development and testing which results in the right set of features targetted at the right audience.


Strategy planning and roadmap creation

As key product features are established, we define measurable goals and create a product roadmap focusing on getting the base product in the hands of the users faster and further validating the product with real customer feedback.


Marketing strategy development

We apply the AARRR methodology to digital marketing and prioritize growth. We experiment across a variety of paid and unpaid channels to zero in on those that work best.


UX prototyping

Through interactive UX prototyping, we develop sketches, create wireframes and user flows. We engage focus groups to collect early feedback.


UI design

Our interactive mockups have all UI elements such as colors, typography, imagery, animations, and valid content. These mockups get very close to a real thing and serve as an excellent vehicle for investor presentations, demos, as well as developer specs.



As speed to market is key, engineers work in parallel with marketers and designers implementing validated UX components as they become available while also implementing the underlying architecture.


QA & testing

Ongoing rigorous testing is essential in iterative development. We work with most modern test automation platforms to ensure consistency of test coverage.


MVP launch

Minimal Viable Product - is the collection of features that solves the user’s core problem while still bringing delight from using the product. MVP launch underpins further product development and marketing efforts as it enables us to start collecting feedback from real users while growing our user base.


Growth marketing

We put our marketing strategies to the test - identify the channels that bring the biggest bang for a buck and then go full speed prioritizing growth.


Ongoing product development

As the initial product gets traction and collects market feedback we work on gradually introducing new features.

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