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Android and iOS mobile app for a crowdfunding platform.

Mobile Apps / Product Development / UX Prototype / Digital Analytics

About TestSharing

TestSharing is a crowdfunding platform for independent lab testing of food products in restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers markets. TestSharing helps consumers understand the nature and source of the ingredients of the food we eat.

Mobile app for testing food quality

The mobile app allows customers to validate the quality of the products they buy by initiating or contributing to crowdfunded tests. Customers have to simply scan а barcode or take a picture of the product label to start a crowdfunded testing campaign or access existing test results.

TestSharing partners with independent labs around the world that conduct product testing for fully-funded campaigns. Once results are available, contributors receive detailed reports on harmful chemicals, hygiene, and freshness of food – directly in the app.

From initial concept to product launch

TestSharing founders approached Dizzain with an initial concept and tasked our team to fully develop and launch the initial product on both iOS and Android platforms. While working on the food testing app development, our team created a detailed set of requirements documents, interactive UX prototype, before embarking on iterative development of the mobile application.

Among noticeable features, we developed an intuitive user interface, integrated Android Pay and PayPal for smooth payments, and built a proprietary interface with testing labs.

Professional lab testing in healthcare has never been that simple

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