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48% increase in leads for a Home Improvement Company



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Feb. 2022 – Ongoing


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This is a story of how a home improvement company, grappling with high lead acquisition costs, unlocked the full potential of digital channels and revolutionized its marketing landscape.

Through a well-crafted strategy, the company harnessed the power of Facebook and Google Ads, resulting in a 48% increase in leads, a 19% boost in website traffic, and an astounding 168% rise in conversion rates. Read on to discover the innovative tactics, tests, and optimizations that transformed their digital presence and brought about significant cost reductions in this highly competitive industry.


The Challenge

BJ’s Home Improvement, a company offering various home improvement products and services, was grappling with high lead acquisition costs through in-store promotions. Their digital marketing program only contributed to a meager 3% of total leads. They needed a new marketing strategy to harness the full potential of digital channels, and that’s where Dizzain stepped in.

Key challenges
  • Many service lines distributed over many geographies
  • Conversion potential of the landing pages
  • The performance difference between Facebook and Google Ads

The Goal

Our mission was to generate leads through the website and digital platforms at a lower cost than in-store leads, focusing on Facebook and Google as the primary channels for targeting the desired audience.

The Strategy

Navigating the fiercely competitive home improvement space, we knew we faced potentially high CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and impression share struggles. We turned to Facebook campaigns, a more cost-effective alternative to Google Ads, and witnessed a staggering 50-fold increase in leads.

The Tactics

To optimize the campaign, we performed tests to identify the best-selling propositions, ad creatives, and high-performing ads. We also segmented campaigns by state and experimented with various ad formats and campaign types (look-a-like, remarketing, etc.).

With services spread across 12,880 zip codes, we needed to create ads for each zip code with different services available, adapting to the frequently changing service/zip code availability mix.

Realizing the UX issues on the PPC (Pay-per-Click) landing pages, we revamped them by simplifying the form, adding features and benefits sections, showcasing IME projects, and introducing a review section. These changes boosted conversions and decreased CPL (Cost per Lead) by 22% and the bounce rate by 29%.

The Performance Boost

The striking difference between Facebook and Google Ads performance led us to focus on Google’s lower-competition campaign types with lower CPA. Concentrating on Discovery and Display remarketing campaigns, we managed to decrease the average cost per lead by three times compared to search campaigns.

Some strategies we implemented to improve performance included:

  • Using portfolio bid strategies to set up limit CPC (Cost per Click)
  • Testing ads to find the best combinations, boosting CTR (Click-through Rate)
  • Turning off Google search partners network due to low performance
  • Gathering extensive lists of negative keywords
  • Targeting audiences in search campaigns


By leveraging Dizzain’s expertise and innovative approach, BJ’s Home Improvement witnessed a marketing revolution.

They experienced an exponential increase in leads generated through digital channels, a decrease in lead acquisition costs, and an overall performance boost.



Website traffic


Conversation rate


They are able to tie together a broad set of capabilities beyond just running a successful PPC program.

We like how thoughtful they are, their focus on data, and their ability to derive actionable insights from that data. Also, they are able to tie together a broad set of capabilities beyond just running a successful PPC program.

Danielle Becker

VP of Business Development

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