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Website development for a personal travel blog and a news portal

Web Development / WordPress

About The Vacationer

Do you know how to pick an airline to minimize your chances of being bumped off the flight? Or how to hit all major rides and shows in Disneyland within a single day? If you do, our hats go off to you - you are likely one of the regular readers of - a travel insider blog by Eric Jones and Phil Dengler. Both lifetime travelers and experts on everything related to getting a perfect vacation while saving time and money. The blog is based on Phil’s and Eric’s personal experiences and data-based research.

Creating an income-generating blog

We worked with Phil and Eric on multiple engagements in the past, so we already had a trusting relationship and experience of working together effectively. After a successful exit of their previous venture, the guys were looking to realize their long time idea of building a blog site managed by travelers for travelers, where Phil and Eric could cover their travels, share life hacks and other useful info with their readers.

The guys also wanted a website that would allow them to monetize content by offering relevant ads and offers to readers. In the past, Phil and Eric had already run a website with lists of different kinds of discounts and collaborated with advertisers, so they wanted to implement a similar monetization system to a new blog.

The Dizzain team developed a WordPress website and integrated it with a Gutenberg editor. Implementation of Gutenberg allowed us to create a highly customizable site, so its users could create content layouts using the admin panel. We also provided Eric and Phil with branding advice and designed the company logo.

For the site, we have chosen a comfortable and up to date design that allows guys to effectively convey information about travel to readers, which is especially important now when people are planning vacations and dream of how they will have travel after a pandemic.

In the future, Eric and Phil plan to turn their blog into a full-fledged news resource dedicated to travel, so there is a lot of challenging and fruitful work ahead.

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