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Feb. 2021 – Ongoing

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The Sports Camps Canada
Game Plan

Sports Camps Canada, the official provider of Nike Sports Camps in the Great White North, has been creating unforgettable experiences for campers of all ages.

Partnering with the best coaches across the country, they’ve established a strong presence in over 40 locations, offering thrilling camps in basketball, soccer, tennis, pickleball, and football.


Facing the Home Team’s Challenge


Key challenges

  • Supercharging sport-specific campaign performance
  • Harnessing the power of Facebook as a complementary channel
  • Investigating and utilizing new, high-impact channels and tools

Drafting a Winning Strategy

To increase the advertising channels’ impact on the number of Sports Camps Canada sales.

  • Supercharging sport-specific campaign performance;
  • Harnessing the power of Facebook as a complementary channel;
  • Investigating and utilizing new, high-impact channels and tools.

Armed with this insight, the team at Dizzain developed a strategic game plan to navigate these challenges and elevate Sports Camps Canada’s marketing efforts.

Offensive Play: Google Ads Overhaul

Dizzain increased the Google Ads budget by 1.3 times for the 2021-2022 period and restructured the account to enhance sport-specific campaign performance. They revamped the existing campaign structure, giving birth to a new and improved system for sports-specific and non-sport-specific campaigns.

Dynamic Search Ads in Non-Nike campaigns were introduced, making it easier for users to find specific camps in their desired locations. This innovative approach proved to be a game-changer, significantly improving Google Ads results.

Defensive Tactics: Facebook Integration

In 2021, Dizzain tapped into the power of Facebook as a secondary advertising channel. They targeted various audiences, such as those with specific interests, remarketing groups, customer lists, and look-alike profiles. They also implemented A/B testing, using different content formats like video, images, and carousel ads.

Starting with a modest budget, the team’s efforts paid off. By 2022, the Facebook campaign budget had tripled, leading to a staggering 7.8-fold increase in sales from the platform.

Scoring Big: Impressive Results

Dizzain’s innovative strategies delivered astounding results for Sports Camps Canada. They achieved a 43.3% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), a 221% surge in transactions, a 230.2% increase in revenue, and a 28.2% decrease in CPA.

The Road to the Championships

The 2021-2022 period marked a time of growth for Sports Camps Canada, both in advertising and company expansion.

Dizzain’s strategies enabled successful campaign scaling and increased revenue.
As they look toward the future, Sports Camps Canada and Dizzain are excited to employ new tools and strategies to continue enhancing Google and Meta account revenue in 2023 and beyond. The game is far from over, and the sky is the limit for this dynamic partnership.

“To recover from the effects of the pandemic, a Nike sports camp hired Dizzain to provide digital marketing services for them.
Their platform’s performance has been expected to improve on a weekly basis.

We’re surprised with the results! We had no idea we had the ability to perform this well.”


Matthew Marchment

Director at Sports Camps Canada

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