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About Modus Endeavor

Modus Endeavor is an interactive tool that helps large distributed teams analyze problems and make better decisions through a simple, trackable, and impartial process of vetting options over a set of decision criteria.

Jim Benson, the renowned author of the “Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life” came up with the idea for porting his winning project management methodology to a digital tool and hired Dizzain to bring it to life.

Boards, options, and criteria

The tool is developed with React, the app comes with minimalist design and a simple process of user interaction. Using the app environment, a moderator creates an endeavor with boards, options, and specific criteria which is then distributed to participants that in turn vote on options through a set of interactive “gameboards”.

Heatmap and statistically significant results

During the process of this collaboration software development, we focused on the app efficiency and a minimal set of functionality to take it to market. App algorithms calculate voting records which appear as a vivid heatmap with statistically significant results. As a result, teams have a robust solution for organizing ideas and collecting feedback in real time.

The app evolves beyond minimal viable product and Dizzain continues leading the development effort.

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