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Website development for a real estate management company

Web Development / WordPress

About RedSteel

Once upon a time there was a steel trading company back in Switzerland that was started by a family patriarch. The company grew and prospered through the years until the mother of the current founder decided to cash out and start investing in real estate in the US. Patricia Werhahn took over the growing real estate investment business in 2012 as a CEO and named the company RedSteel Properties paying homage to that old steel trading business that started it all.

The company operates a number of office, commercial and residential locations in Florida and nation-wide. Strength, flexibility, and durability are the core principles of the family business - yes like the properties of good steel.

Website redesign and WordPress migration

We met Patricia through Wharton Alumni Network after noticing much-needed updates to the website’s look and feel. Patricia graciously returned our call and that was the beginning of our beautiful friendship.
We started with a platform selection and WordPress was a natural choice here giving Patricia and her team the ability to keep the content up to date - the roster of properties, company news, and such. We also came up with a contemporary design that will hopefully serve RedSteel Properties for many years to come.
The website primarily targets prospective tenants and needs to give a clear idea of the buildings and the available properties. In addition to capturing photos of the properties we encourage Patricia to capture video footage including that from a drone. We then produced a brand video that you can see on the homepage today that captures the essence of Red Steel Properties.

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