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Website and data room for a financial services company.

WordPress/ Full Stack Development/ UX Prototyping/ Digital Marketing

About Apis Capital Advisors

Apis Capital Advisors is a privately-owned financial investment advisory firm with a 15-year investment track record. With offices in New York and Minneapolis, the company operates on global markets investing into small- and mid-cap securities.

SEC compliant digital presence

As a financial services provider, Apis Capital Advisors is bound by many regulations imposed by the SEC and other regulatory agencies. Those regulations include limitations on marketing and advertising.

Dizzain had to work closely with Apis Capital legal counsel to devise marketing strategies to help the company reach prospects while remaining compliant.

Dizzain built a beautiful website that has received positive feedback from users. The team's cooperative approach included frequent communication and transparent problem resolution. Customers can expect a knowledgeable and accessible partner.
Will Dombrowski Apis Capital Advisors
Will Dombrowski
Director of Marketing, Apis Capital Advisors
New York, New York

Secure cloud data room

Besides the investment firm website, we created a secure cloud data room for distributing sensitive documents to Apis Capital Advisors customers. Data room offers an intuitive interface, varying levels of access, and detailed usage analytics. Data room web app can be conveniently accessed across a range of devices as it is built using a responsive framework in React and supported by AWS backend.

Dashboard for clients
Dashboard for clients

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