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WordPress 4.1.1 is out now, 21 bugs are fixed

Written by 
Alex Krasner 
22 February, 2015

The new update to WordPress was posted on February 18th and since then it has been incorporated into millions of websites. The update addressed a total of 21 significant bugs among which was an issue preventing Tags and Categories from having the same name – something that we found particularly annoying in our projects.

Also Inline image editor is finally working as expected in Chrome. The full list of resolved issues is available below:

For the website that have “automatic background update” feature activated, the new update should already be installed. Here at Dizzain we are proponents of a manual process with a full data backup leading up to the update – we believe it prevents data loss and cross-compatibility issues between the new WordPress and the plugins that are already installed on the site.

As always, keep your WordPress platform up to date and happy posting!

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