We are finally blogging!

Written by 
Alex Krasner 
13 September, 2010

At Dizzain, we have been implementing WordPress blogs for over 5 years now, and as you can imagine, we are always receiving questions from others in the blogging and blog development community. We have always been happy to answer everyone’s emails, but it didn’t take us long to realize that a lot of people seem to have the same questions and concerns about how they can get started blogging or improve their existing blogs. Since we see evidence every day of the power of blogging to spread knowledge and foster new ideas, we’ve decided to take all of those answers and advice and present them to you here.

In addition to answering your questions, we will be giving some ‘sneak peaks’ of exciting projects we are working on, provide how-to’s on things you can do to spice up your own blog, and present features which will detail the full design process we have gone through with some of our favorite projects. We are also happy to be opening our ‘On the House’ page, which will feature free themes, icons, and plug-ins created by our artists and designers. You can use any of these to enhance your own blog, or as a starting place to see how adding new elements might be used to improve the impact of your blog.

We hope that what we do here will inspire you to take your blog to the next level and provide you with lots of ideas about how to make that happen. Since we will be adding new content all the time, bookmark us so you don’t miss any updates.

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