WordPress website for a large platform for content-driven advertising.

Dizzain.com developed a new WordPress website for VigLink, a leading San Francisco based ad-tech company. The project consisted of 3 phases with defined goals and activities.

viglink on devices

The original website required considerable update to content and functionality. The Dizzain team created a new responsive website, running smoothly on all devices and offering users new peculiar features.

First of all, the default template had to be redeveloped to eliminate some issues inherited from the other software platform.

The Customer Success page was built using Packery, a JavaScript layout library. The page consists of many elements (customers’ logos), and thanks to a bin-packing algorithm, the layout can be organically reordered each time a page gets reloaded or refreshed.

viglink pages

To create a modal effect and add zooming functionality for images and multimedia content from the Customer Success Stories section, the team used fancyBox tool, built on the popular JavaScript framework jQuery. The initially ported Green House CSS template was slightly modified to work in the Jobs module on the Careers page. The functionality of Team Members section was revised and updated to make managing of the VigLink website more comfortable.