Corporate website for a social intelligence and news agency.

Storyful is a social intelligence and news agency that combines journalism, data, and technology to find social insights and content for media and its brand partners, including Google, Coca-Cola, Mashable, The Sun, and others. Storyful supports its clients by providing up-to-the-minute, verified, user-generated video.

storyful on devices

Complete site redesign

The original website required a considerable update to both content and functionality. It was disembodied, without any integration of style and function, and needed a fresh design with a new online identity.

storyful site redesign

New page builds

First, the Dizzain team analyzed visitor performance on the website. Several design concepts were developed to help identify the best option and build a new structure for The new page builds made it possible for visitors to easily find all important information, such as information on licensing and risk & reputation.

storyful new page builds

Responsive and easy-to-manage content

The new responsive website created by Dizzain is now running smoothly on all devices. A full-screen video background is used to not only keep the website trendy but also to emphasize the type of content that Storyful provides. We aimed to build a convenient backend and optimized the existing WordPress installation. Storyful can now more easily update its site content.

storyful responsive content