Jazeera Airways Web Report Website Development

In 2016, the national airline of Kuwait, Jazeera Airways, celebrated their 10-year anniversary. With regard to this remarkable occasion, the company decided to present the whole set of their financial statement of income and their initiatives called “The Next Big Thing” as the full-scale website.

jazeera on devices

The web report was developed by Dizzain team under tight deadlines and launched in English and Arabic. When working on the website, the developers had to take into the account the peculiarities of Arabic localization.

The main missions of the Jazeera Airways are great performance, operation excellence, and high corporate culture. In order to emphasize the company’s values, and make the website more dynamic, we used animation and infographics.

Interactive charts and graphs for the Jazeera’s financial highlights were built with Chart.js library. ChartJS charts are responsive by default, so they work well for mobile and tablet devices.

Scrolling parallax effect was applied to add more depth and enhance visual interactivity of the web report.

jazeera page

In 2017, Jazeera Airways published a new annual report. The main aim for Dizzain team this year was to redesign the website taking in consideration some structure and content changes.

jazeera on devices 2017

jazeera page 2017