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Case Study: SocialFlow Plugin for WordPress

Written by 
Elena Maksimovich 
14 October, 2016

SocialFlow is a New York-based enterprise software company focused on providing technology that helps companies distribute their owned and earned content across social media platforms. SocialFlow application algorithms analyse user behaviour and optimize all released content based on real-time data.

SocialFlow clients using WordPress plugin

SocialFlow is constantly working on improving and streamlining users’ experience with their software. And since WordPress is an extremely popular content management platform used by a number of important SocialFlow clients, one of the directions of this work has become SocialFlow plugin for WordPress.

Some history

Back in 2012 SocialFlow already had a basic version of the plugin developed, but it included very limited functionality and required a number of fixes and add-ons. So the company reached out to Dizzain looking to get help with the implementation of the required fixes and new features.

As the first step Dizzain suggested rebuilding the core plugin.


Now the plugin makes it possible for users to utilize all most important functions of SocialFlow social publishing:

The purposes of the rebuild were:

  • More organized and well-documented code.
  • Easy way to localize the plugin if such need arises.
  • Improved speed and performance.
  • Scalable and easy customizable code.

Dizzain team created a new version of the WordPress plugin having implemented new features and functions that were part of the initial to-do list.

Since then Dizzain has been working on further WordPress development and maintenance of the plugin.

About the WordPress plugin

Now the plugin makes it possible for users to utilize all most important functions of SocialFlow social publishing:

  • Share post link with image and message on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages.
  • Customize messages per social account.
  • Craft custom meta data (Title and Description) for Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Select sending settings for each social account (Publish now, Scheduled, etc).
  • Create duplicate messages with different sending settings for each social account.
  • View statistics on each message sent from WordPress dashboard.


5,000+ Downloads
Supported since 2012
36 Versions released

The plugin is available to download from

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