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How we Redesigned Krauter & Company Corporate Website

Written by 
Alex Krasner 
03 October, 2014

The section is dedicated to Krauter & Company corporate website redesign implemented by to give it a modern look and feel, introduce responsive design, and simplify the content. before:


The project involved cataloguing the content of the current website and working closely with the client on mapping the pages of the future website. Guided by ‘Mobile First’ approach, we’ve used the space conservatively and focused on core values and messages. We created a set of wireframes that demonstrated the layout of content on the page:


We have also delivered the responsive design and selected the images for all the pages of the website.

Krauter Group home and inner page mockups

We design over 40 retina icons for Krauter & Company that illustrate the industries the company operates in:


After completing design and integrating content, we changed our focus to site optimization; we measured response rates on every page carefully to ensure the optimal load speed of all the page elements.


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