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Holiday Cards: Why and How to Greet Customers

  • Why a greeting is important
  • How to greet customers
  • How do we send cards during holidays
  • Conclusion

Who doesn’t like to receive kind wishes during the December holidays? Marketers say that a card is more than a nice touch; it can also lead to more business. We believe that the most important reason to send holiday cards is to express gratitude and appreciation to clients and business partners. Continue reading if you want to know why, when, and how to greet customers. We are also happy to share our warmest wishes for this holiday season. 


Why a greeting is important

Greeting customers and other key contacts during the December holidays is very important for several reasons.

First, a greeting card (either digital or printed) is one of the best ways to say “Thank You” for choosing your company as a vendor or partner. Sincere, personalized words help to express your appreciation and gratitude.

Second, you can strengthen your brand by adding a logo, business name, and URL to your creation. We always send branded cards with a unique design and try to make them eye-catching for our customers.

Finally, greeting all contacts can lead to more business next year. We send holiday cheer to each company that works or worked with us to remind them how much they mean to us. Several clients have decided to revive working relationships after receiving our card. never misses a chance to greet customers, partners, and colleagues. We believe that it’s good business, and good manners, to express your sincere good wishes during the December holidays.

How to greet customers. What types of cards do we send?

We think that both printed and digital cards are acceptable. E-cards make sense when you have a large number of contacts or international clients. Moreover, digital cards are a good choice when you want to promote eco-friendly business practices. Thus, we mostly send e-cards, which are always both branded and personal.


As a digital agency, we only use custom-designed Christmas cards. If you don’t have a designer on your team, find a nice template and beautify it with a personal message and your logo. Try Canva or some other service with free layouts. Add your original style. For example, most of our greeting cards include an image of a zeppelin, which we believe makes our material easily recognizable.

We prefer to say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”, instead of “Merry Christmas” so that we don’t leave anyone out. Many cultures celebrate their holidays during December, and there is absolutely no reason to exclude them. Moreover, even in Western cultures, Christmas is soon followed by New Year’s, so this truly is a “Holiday” season.

How do we send cards during the December Holidays?

Our holiday cheer is always personalized. We never use email marketing services to greet our customers.

Who would appreciate an impersonal card with no name on it? Each card we send contains an individual message. Of course, this can be difficult for big companies with hundreds of clients, and thus they will need to automate their holiday campaigns.

Most webmail providers categorize automated emails as spam or promotion. Google, for example, will definitely flag automated greeting e-cards as Promotions. So, why would anyone want to go to the trouble of sending automated emails that may never be opened?

Are you going to send out holiday cards soon? First, consider the timing. We start emailing our greetings beginning December 20th. Second, remember to only greet contacts who celebrate the December holidays.

holiday card 2015

Final thoughts

The December holidays are a good time to thank all of your contacts for their business during the past year. This is more than just a holiday marketing tool if you offer kind sentiments to your business partners and customers. A sincere expression of appreciation can make these relationships more personal and stronger.

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