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10+ AI and ML Plugins to Empower a WordPress Website

Written by 
Tatsiana Tsiukhai 
24 March, 2020

The power of artificial intelligence and machine learning helps you implement data mining, improve user experience, and even create new services. While AI simulates programmed human intelligence, ML enhances the software by learning from user activity and data collected. Smart features can be added to your WordPress website with a single click. In this blog post, we collected the best AI and ML plugins, which protect from spam and malicious content, enable virtual chats, translate websites, and increase user engagement.

Security and spam protection


Akismet is a must for every WordPress website. The plugin protects from spambots and users publishing malicious content by checking comments and contact form submissions as well as improves its possibilities through learning. You get a status history for each comment, thus can identify comments, which were caught and cleared by Akismet, spammed or unspammed by a moderator.



Jetpack is an all-in-one solution for website security, performance optimization, and website management. The plugin is responsible for attack protection, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring. It helps to decrease page load times and speeds up the website on mobile – the features include CDN for images and video hosting. For website management, the plugin provides website stats and analytics, themes for customization, SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Wordfence Security 

Wordfence Security is a firewall and malware scanner created to protect websites from getting hacked. The plugin identifies and blocks malicious traffic, checks core files, themes, and plugins for malware, suspicious URLs, code injections, SEO spam. Moreover, Wordfence Security can repair core files, themes, and plugins on websites where security was compromised.

Content creation

MyCurator Content Curation

MyCurator helps to deliver content to a WordPress website – it finds the right articles for your topic, creates blog posts with links to original pages, adds images, excerpts, and posts. The plugin functionality allows customizing excerpts and pictures as well as training MyCurator by upvoting and downvoting (to bring relevant content).


SpeechKit makes pages accessible by converting text to audio. The plugin has 200+ realistic voices in 28 languages and media players that represent speech on the page with human-like intonation, punctuation, and tone. Premium features include analytics, programmatic ad placement, smart speaker integration, and audio API.


Content improvement


WordLift helps you build well-structured websites using AI – the plugin offers relevant content recommendations, links, and media. It assists writers in creating more engaging content by adding markups to posts and pages, complementing the offer of Yoast SEO or SEO Ultimate.


Watsonfinds will be helpful if you want to understand the emotions – joy, sadness, anger, disgust, or fear – your audience perceives as they read posts, pages, product descriptions, and comments on your website. Based on the system of cognitive computing, the sentiment analysis is available directly within the WordPress text editor. In particular, the plugin adds an icon, which displays five different emotions and the intensity score of each emotion in percentages, so it gives insights to modify and improve content.


Automatic Alternative Text 

The plugin generates alt text for images – the algorithms make complete sentences describing what they found in the picture. As a result, it helps you increase web accessibility.


Algorithmia detects nudity in uploaded images and optionally blocks the upload, adds labels to the alt-text, summarizes posts into brief sentences.

Visitor engagement


Alter helps you increase user engagement by analysing the website and visitor behavior and suggesting personalized content recommendations in a widget. The plugin prioritizes fresh and popular content as well as allows to activate, deactivate, and prioritize content at any time.

Related Posts for WordPress by Bibblio   

The plugin suggests related posts and places them in modules throughout pages in the blog – at the end of posts, in widgets, shortcodes, or page template code. Related Posts from Bibblio allow you to prioritize fresh or popular posts to appeal to different user interests as well as monitor the number of related posts served.


Wootomation recommends more products to customers depending on their cart items and other customers’ orders, thus helps you increase sales. AI and ML functionality helps the plugin predict the most relevant products to suggest.


Translation plugins


GTranslate helps you make the website multilingual – from posts and pages to themes and interface and proxy by using Google Translate automatic translation service. With a free version, you get a floating language selector, a language bar with flags in the menu, as well as the possibility to integrate Google Analytics. A paid subscription allows you to modify and improve translations manually, make a website Yoast SEO compatible, WooCommerce compatible and translate media and URLs by making them search engine friendly, and even store translated versions in the cloud.


Google Language Translator 

The plugin is now a part of the GTranslate family, so it has identical features for the free and paid versions but just a different name. You can use Google Language Translator to translate posts and pages, categories and tags, menus and widgets, themes and plugins, and many more.

Virtual chats

WP-Live Chat 

WP-Live Chat adds chat support to a WordPress website – sends personalized messages depending on the number of visited pages or time spent on the website, holds multiple live chat sessions simultaneously, sends canned responses to frequently asked questions, shares files, adds chat tags. A built-in ticketing system allows customers to contact with their questions.

Chatbot with IBM Watson 

IBM Watson has basic functionality to help customers navigate the website, support them with common questions, and connect to a real person when required. Since Watson deployed, you can customize the appearance of the chatbox and train the bot to answer frequently asked questions – no tech skills required.


Alternatively, you can integrate a chatbot with Acobot, a virtual shop assistant for a WooCommerce online store, or try to increase leads and conversions with Instabot.

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