Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 4: WordPress SEO Plugins January 13, 2014 | News

But what does title tag optimization look like in WordPress? Of course, you can’t write about WordPress without mentioning plugins. But first, let’s talk about what happens when you install WordPress with no SEO plugin. The default behavior for most themes places the title of post as the title tag in most themes. The two are always exactly the same. No keyword variance in title tag and post title is possible. In many cases, you’ll want your post title to be brief and hook your audience while your title tag expands the idea using a secondary keyword phrase.To get around the WordPress default that makes the title tag the same as the post title, you’ll need a WordPress SEO plugin.

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Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 3: How Title Tags can Rock SEO December 30, 2013 | SEO for WordPress

Tweet I mentioned click-throughs but not specifically the call-to-action because in organic search, this normally belongs within the description meta tag (the text snippet that appears in search results under the clickable title). It’s longer (up to 160 characters) and …

Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 2: How Title Tags can Rock SEO December 12, 2013 | SEO for WordPress

Tweet The strength of the title tag for getting SEO results has been well-documented over the last decade or so and isn’t showing any signs of going away. It worked on static pages in the old days and it works …

Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 1: What are Title Tags? December 3, 2013 | SEO for WordPress

Tweet One of the first things to think about when writing a blog post is not just the title of the post, but what the title tag element will end up being before you press “publish” in WordPress and broadcast …

NOAH Insider Goes Live October 30, 2012 | News

A revolution in the European venture industry is coming!

Go team AlpenBlitz August 7, 2012 | Portfolio

Dizzain is sponsoring a rally team on the adventure of a lifetime for a charitable cause.

Classic Meets Cool with ShopReverie.com November 8, 2011 | Portfolio

A website for a contemporary women’s fashion boutique

Time to refresh your wardrobe with Todd Shelton clothing October 17, 2011 | Portfolio

A new website for a tailored American made clothing company

A new home of Westwood One Sports September 26, 2011 | Portfolio

WestwoodOneSports.com – the new home of premier sports radio programming.

Join the Conversation with Robert Wuhl February 14, 2011 | Portfolio

The Robert Wuhl Show goes on air with a brand new Wordpress website from Dizzain.