Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 4: WordPress SEO Plugins

But what does title tag optimization look like in WordPress? Of course, you can’t write about WordPress without mentioning plugins. But first, let’s talk about what happens when you install WordPress with no SEO plugin. The default behavior for most themes places the title of post as the title tag in most themes. The two are always exactly the same. No keyword variance in title tag and post title is possible. In many cases, you’ll want your post title to be brief and hook your audience while your title tag expands the idea using a secondary keyword phrase.To get around the WordPress default that makes the title tag the same as the post title, you’ll need a WordPress SEO plugin.

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Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 2: How Title Tags can Rock SEO

The strength of the title tag for getting SEO results has been well-documented over the last decade or so and isn’t showing any signs of going away. It worked on static pages in the old days and it works on WordPress sites today. The title tag remains one of the strongest signals that can be sent to a search engine. SEO people often obsess over title tags because you can change them and literally sit back and watch the page move up or down in rankings.

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Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 1: What are Title Tags?

One of the first things to think about when writing a blog post is not just the title of the post, but what the title tag element will end up being before you press “publish” in WordPress and broadcast your post to the world. Title tags are powerful in several ways. The title tag you choose for your post will have consequences and help influence user behavior and traffic from search engines and potentially anywhere your post is linked.

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NOAH Insider Goes Live

Dizzain is excited to finally reveal the launch of our joint venture with NOAH Advisors: NOAH Insider. For the past year, we have be eating delivered dinners, pulling all-nighters, and missing weekend activities, but after seeing how enthusiastic our users are, we now know that it’s all been worth it. We’ve been involved with the technology industry for over 10 years, and we think that NOAH is not only the most important project we’ve ever worked on, but also will change how the European venture industry operates.

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Go team AlpenBlitz

It was a bright April Saturday, when I joined a group of my Columbia Business School friends on a long walk over the Brooklyn Bridge leading us to the foodie destinations of Williamsburg. We were all talking about our summer plans – aspiring investment bankers were taking internships in the city, techies were heading to the west coast, but the sponsored MBAs just wanted to have fun. This is when Philipp shared his grand plan to drive a charity rally from London, UK to Ulanbataar, Mongolia. For a few seconds we were all left speechless and then Philipp unveiled all the details over lobster rolls at Williamsburg Food Market.

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Classic Meets Cool with ShopReverie.com

With an identity based on self discovery, faith, and new beginnings, ShopReverie.com strives to make its mark on today’s contemporary woman who is always striving to reach the next stage in her life. Being an online-only boutique, it was very important for ShopReverie.com to have a site that maintains a chic simplicity and lets the merchandise do the talking.

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Time to refresh your wardrobe with Todd Shelton clothing

We’ve been working on the new and improved ToddShelton.com for quite some time. It took us almost 2 years of design, build, revision, and another rebuild to deliver a true masterpiece of an online boutique store that proudly stands out among the cookie-cutter ecommerce sites that are so prevalent on the web today. Just like Todd Shelton, we believe in true artisanship over mass production and quality over mediocrity.

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