Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 4: WordPress SEO Plugins

But what does title tag optimization look like in WordPress? Of course, you can’t write about WordPress without mentioning plugins. But first, let’s talk about what happens when you install WordPress with no SEO plugin. The default behavior for most themes places the title of post as the title tag in most themes. The two are always exactly the same. No keyword variance in title tag and post title is possible. In many cases, you’ll want your post title to be brief and hook your audience while your title tag expands the idea using a secondary keyword phrase.To get around the WordPress default that makes the title tag the same as the post title, you’ll need a WordPress SEO plugin.

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Optimizing Titles Tags for WordPress. Part 2: How Title Tags can Rock SEO

The strength of the title tag for getting SEO results has been well-documented over the last decade or so and isn’t showing any signs of going away. It worked on static pages in the old days and it works on WordPress sites today. The title tag remains one of the strongest signals that can be sent to a search engine. SEO people often obsess over title tags because you can change them and literally sit back and watch the page move up or down in rankings.

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