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Scheduled automated backups
All your essential data is securely backed up in a cloud storage and can be easily recovered in the event of a critical site failure.
Defect Resolution
We fix bugs and issues that appear on the site after our standard warranty period expires.
You can always reach us for via email, phone or ticketing system with any questions or issues regarding your website
Onsite SEO
We continuously optimize the site structure and the content to ensure the best visibility in search engines
WordPress & plugins update
We keep your website up to date with the latest versions of WordPress and plugins to ensure that all components work well together and reduce security threats
We protect your website against unauthorized access, code injections, phishing attempts, suspicious plugins, and breaches in hosting configuration to keep your users and data safe.
Theme updates
We also keep your Theme updated with every new WordPress release to ensure cross-version compatibility
Conversion Optimization
We help you convert site visitors to repeat customers: from general recommendations to complex A/B testing and pointed UI tweaks
24/7 Monitoring
We configure automated monitoring system that notifies us when something happens to the site allowing us to provide an immediate response. If the issue is with the server we will get on the phone with the hosting provider to resolve the issue on your behalf.
Site Performance Optimization
Optimal load speed is vital not only to user experience but also to optimal positioning in search engines. Through caching, optimal hosting server configuration, optimization of scripts and code, the use of CDN, and dozens of other methods your website will load at lightning speed.
Automatic backups
Weekly files backup and daily database backup
WP & Plugins Updates
24/7 Monitoring
Bug Fixing
Security Shields
Payment Report
Speed optimization
Theme Updates
Free Hosting
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