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Theme modularity
We do assist businesses with carrying out a thorough onsite optimization and making the website look Google-friendly.
No 3rd party plugins dependence = lightning load speed
Decent load speed is not only appreciated by visitors, but also by Google, encouraging high-performance website. Configuring caching, setting up hosting properly, optimizing scripts and code, making use of CDN and dozens of other methods will make your website load at lightning speed.
Experience of many years
Armed with long years of experience, we build themes basing on the developments and approaches evolving from project to project.
Eliminating complex requests through creating optimal database architectures
We figure out the data to be stored in theme options beforehand and think over the optimal data structure. Thus, we deliver a theme that represents perfect combination of user-friendly administration and impressive performance.
Reducing the amount of files to be loaded at the development stage
The utilities for gathering static files initiate carry out the initial optimization of scripts and styles. We speed up the process of page loading by reducing the amount of requests and returning minifcated files.
We optimize images as early as at the development stage
Our team oftentimes turns to account automatically-generated image sprites and scalable vector graphics (SVG) that support the outdated browser versions. SVG files are perfectly compressed and look perfectly on retina-displays.

Once the theme is ready, an extra optimization can be initiated.

Use absolutely vital plugins only
The majority of plugins upload their own scripts and styles on all the pages, even if a plugin’s functionality is not used on the page (which is typical for contact forms). When we have no other option but to use this or that plugin, we are grinding away to have such plugin thoroughly optimized.
Running a high traffic resource? Make use of CDN!
If you deal with high traffic loads on a regular basis, making a choice in favor of a good CDN (Content Delivery Network), comprised of a wide network of servicers spread across the globe, is always a reasonable decision. These servers enable you to serve your web content in different countries around the globe. Some of the amazing CDNs that are being used by global WordPress users include Max CDN, Amazon S3 and Media Template ProCDN.
Reduce the load on server by adjust caching plugins properly
There are plenty of plug-ins, e.g. WP Super Cache, that return static pages generated with minificated scripts and styles to your visitors.
Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of WordPress and plugins
Apart from eliminating vulnerabilities and adding new features, WordPress performance is optimized from release to release.
Take advantage of database optimization
WP Optimize keeps your database clean from spam/unapproved comments/trash/posts revisions and etc., having a positive impact on overall performance.
Choosing the right hosting
A powerful hosting adjusted with WordPress platform in mind may be the desired panacea as for achieving high performance with no extra tuning. WPengine, a far-famed hosting exclusively designed for WordPress, boasts unparalleled performance and even provides a savvy Ever Cache plugin to configure caching.
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