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Website covering visual arts and artists portal development.

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Hamptons Art Hub is an online publication and website covering visual arts in The Hamptons and New York City. Art critics and journalists publish news, reviews, features, exhibition previews, artist profiles, cultural events, and guides. Hamptons Art Hub also has a separate Artists Portal on which local creators share their artworks and news.

Evolution of the Brand

Since 2012, when we started working together, the Dizzain team has been helping Hamptons Art Hub to evolve. We successfully completed the WordPress website redesign and developed a number of custom features. As a result, the viewership of Hamptons Art Hub doubled, and peak visits boosted from 2,000 to 12,000. In July 2018, we released a new project for the Hampton team - Artists Portal, on which local artists can create portfolios and share their stories.

Top Stories About Art

We aim of Hamptons’ websites is stay up-to-date both in design and functionality. In particular, Hamptons Art Hub has a fresh, user-friendly layout that allows visitors to navigate the website and don’t miss top stories about art, artists, and exhibitions as well as relevant ads. It has never been so easy to support the project. To keep coverage free, just make a voluntary contribution or buy a premium feature immediately.

Favorite Works to Buy

Artists Portal of Hamptons Art Hub introduces artworks of local painters more widely. Artists can create portfolios with selected artworks and share the news; curators publish their views; portal visitors navigate the website to find their favorite works. Are you an art collector? Just register to discover prices for the pieces of art are introduced and get the information on how to collect any of them.

Advanced Customization

Hamptons Art Hub has to adapt quickly to their readers’ preferences. Today, we ensure ongoing maintenance and handle Google Analytics and SEO. Both Hamptons’ websites customized according to their team needs, and we are in touch with new possibilities for improvements.

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