WordPress is not only for bloggers

Written by 
Alex Krasner 
09 November, 2010

Every day, millions of people use the WordPress engine to manage their blogs because they appreciate the ease of use and depth of features it provides for blog maintenance. What many don’t realize is that the very things that make WordPress such a great tool for managing a blog are also what make it the perfect platform for websites that require any kind of content to be frequently updated and easily maintained. With a carefully designed theme, custom coding, and the proper use of the vast library of plug-ins available from the development community, WordPress can be used to build a website that not only looks great and is engaging to users, but is also extremely easy to maintain and even expand.

At Dizzain, we have created a number of these unusual WordPress sites, taking advantage of the inherent flexibility of the platform and our own team’s deep knowledge of the tool to create a wide variety of easily administered sites for our clients. As you can see for the examples below, WordPress can be customized to suit a wide range of industries and requirements, from multimedia rich sites to easily updatable order management systems.



When ModTV, a television network focused on the world of fashion, approached us, they wanted a site that would allow them to easily manage large numbers of HD videos and images. With the constant changes in the fashion world, keeping the site content up-to-date with minimal fuss was of paramount importance to Karen Morrison, ModTV’s Director and Executive Producer. We worked with them to build a site that looks nothing like blog, but is just as easily administered. There are photo and video galleries, all of which can be managed independently, and plug-ins allow visitors to easily share any of ModTV’s original content with their friends via Twitter and Facebook.



Webhuset is a Norwegian web hosting provider that needed an easy way to manage their product catalog. Our design team created a site that allowed the Webhuset team ‘one and done’ functionality when making updates, eliminating the need to enter changes to the catalog in multiple places. When new specials are offered or services and prices change, both the summaries on the front page and the connected detail pages can be updated in an instant with no need for the site administrator to deal writing any code or updating configuration. We also added order management functionality to the site and synched it with product descriptions and prices so that as soon as updates are made, the changes are reflected in new orders.



Recruitmentmatters is a blog from the Netherlands that is devoted to the ever-growing industry of online recruitment. However, the writing team at Recruitmentmatters knew that what their needs go far beyond the traditional bounds of ‘just a blog’. In addition to a custom theme to fit with their brand, we made use of plug-ins and custom coding to allow their blog to handle contributions from over a dozen writers, multiple languages, and easy navigation among thousands of posts. The result is a blog that remains simple for visitors to use despite the immense amount of information presented.



Njoytravel is a Dutch travel site that needed a simple way of connecting its visitors to the latest travel deals and news in four different categories. At Dizzain, we took a novel approach to this challenge and gave Njoytravel a front page with four categories, each of which are linked to pages showing in-depth information, including photo galleries and weather forecasts. The front page shows posts for each category, which are constantly changing based on popularity. Best of all, all content including prices, photos, latest deals, and news can be managed via WordPress’s easy to use backend.



Financial Times Group is relying on FTSponsorships.com to announce new corporate sponsorship opportunities available at various global conferences and events where FT newspaper is distributed. FT marketing team asked us to create a new version of the website that can be easily edited and WordPress was our obvious choice. With a new website in place, FT team can keep Current and Upcoming events updated, display relevant Twitter feeds, and also collect new subscribers to the monthly newsletter.

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