Classic Meets Cool with

Written by 
Alex Krasner 
08 November, 2011

With an identity based on self discovery, faith, and new beginnings, strives to make its mark on today’s contemporary woman who is always striving to reach the next stage in her life. Being an online-only boutique, it was very important for to have a site that maintains a chic simplicity and lets the merchandise do the talking. home page

Dizzain took on the task of bringing ShopReverie’s vision to life. Powered by the prized Dizzain CMS, the website enables customers to shop by category, view products from many angles, share product recommendations with friends, and checkout safely. The back end is equipped with a powerful inventory and order management system and a wide range of customization options. category page product page appeals to the customer who is price conscious but will not forgo her unique style and sensibility. is excited to offer merchandise to the customer who has a classic style juxtaposed with a different element- whether it be intense color, playful prints, or special details.

Born from the notion that the universe has a place for each and every one of us, continues to be inspired by finding your identity and following your dreams.

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