A Better You Weight Loss Centers Website Redesign

Written by 
Alex Krasner 
06 January, 2011

When A Better You weight loss centers decided to update the site for their online programs, we realized that their needs would require a unique solution. ABY needed to be able to update all of their online content quickly and easily, but had a lot of additional needs, such as member only pages, a discussion board, and integrated video.


To achieve ABY’s goals, we chose to leverage one of the most powerful benefits of WordPress, which is its extensive library of plug-ins. Plugins were used to handle payments for online programs via PayPal, which in turn, unlocks additional ‘member only’ pages for users. Once members, those looking to exchange tips and support each other can use the ‘House Call’ discussion forums, which were also added via a plug-in. ABYWeightLossOnline is a great example of how plug-ins can extend WordPress’s easy-to-use content management system to meet all of a site’s functional needs.


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