Dealroom Goes Live

Written by 
Alex Krasner 
30 October, 2012

Dizzain is excited to finally reveal the launch of our joint venture with NOAH Advisors: Dealroom. For the past year, we have be eating delivered dinners, pulling all-nighters, and missing weekend activities, but after seeing how enthusiastic our users are, we now know that it’s all been worth it. We’ve been involved with the technology industry for over 10 years, and we think that is not only the most important project we’ve ever worked on, but also will change how the European venture industry operates.

Dealroom is a platform that enables entrepreneurs, investors, and journalists to connect with others in the European technology community. We partnered with NOAH Advisors to leverage their extensive contacts, ensuring that Dealroom is connected to the most innovative and influential individuals in technology from Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and beyond. From Dealroom users can explore startups, raise capital, recruit talent, conduct business development, and connect with expert advisors. We’ve also built a powerful event management system into Dealroom. This tool allows event organizers to manage anything from a demo night to a large technology conference, all while tapping into Dealroom powerful network.
NoahIsider profile page

In the three weeks we have been live, over 1200 users have already signed up, including 600 startups and more than 300 investors. We are currently accepting applications and will be adding qualified members to the site on a rolling basis. Many of our users have applied to Dealroom via their attendance at the NOAH 2012 London Conference. Our CEO, Alex Krasner will also be attending the conference, and is looking forward to reconnecting with existing partners and meeting Dealroom users.

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