Financial Times Partnerships | Website Development is a website for promoting sponsorship of the Financial Times newspaper distribution at the key locations such as major hotels, airline lounges, business schools, etc. as well as during exclusive global events and conferences. The Financial Times offers its sponsors a variety of branding options including inserts, stickers and wraps to be distributed together with the newspaper which guarantees that the sponsor’s message is the first thing that the newspaper readers see. After the successful release of for the US division, we were approached by European and Asia Pacific offices to create localized versions of the Financial Times Sponsorships website and we created and

All 3 websites are running on WordPress. 

Client testimonial:

Working with Dizzain is a positive experience overall. They are responsive, professional, and on target with new design ideas. We had such a good experience with building our first site with them we are now working on a second website for another division. Thank you Dizzain for all that you do.

Linda Talarico

Business Development Director at Financial Times
Financial Times Partnerships

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